WorkPath is a human capital management firm that caters to national talent acquisition and fulfillment. Providing creative and tailored solutions that are 100% flexible and scalable, WorkPath addresses needs ranging from direct hiring, interim roles, staff augmentation, and special projects.

We support clients of various sizes and a wide array of industries. We fulfill roles ranging from technology and project management, accounting and administrative to marketing, sales support, and customer service.

With WorkPath, there is no standard, off the shelf solution. Instead, we are deliberately flexible and creative to provide you with the talent you need, when you need it, and within your budget.

When it comes to supporting your organization, WorkPath can supply you with a broad spectrum of human capital across all levels of roles and skillset.

Our Approach

Case Studies

Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company

WorkPath ranked 1st in quality and 2nd in volume of 3 international consulting firms invited to participate in a major projects resulting in 250 hires across the U.S.

Fortune 100 Company

This company had missed their Talent Acquisition fulfillment goals for more than 3 years. While WorkPath had never worked in the industry, we exceeded the placement target of 350 Operations Specialists in a 6-week timeframe.

Fortune 50 Financial Services Company

This company asked WorkPath to participate in an urgent initiative, joining 3 other partners, to hire 200 Customer Service Reps. WorkPath candidates received 94 offers.

Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical Company

In 10 weeks, WorkPath filled more than 1,300 roles including Data Verification Specialists, Program Support Specialists, and Program Support Reps for positions in Texas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and South Carolina.

Fortune 50 Bank

This client needed more than 730 roles filled including Customer Service Specialists, Fraud Analysts, and Mortgage Servicing Specialists. While competing with 19 other firms WorkPath placed 248 candidates, more than 30% of the total need.

Global 2000 Company

With this new client, WorkPath delivered over 50 placements in 4 weeks for 3 locations. Roles included Account Reconciliations, Vendor Statement Coordinators, and Vendor Program Coordinators.