The path to better recruiting
For over 20 years, WorkPath Partners has been providing full-service recruiting from our centralized, 100% onshore location in Charlotte, NC.

We specialize in cost-effective fulfillment within vendor-neutral MSP and internally-managed contingent workforce programs, focusing on ROI through quality, retention, speed-to-market, and volume in professional verticals. Our extensive experience allows us to deliver top talent quickly, giving our clients a competitive edge.
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Why WorkPath?

While we serve clients across all industries, our expertise lies in banking, financial services, healthcare, and
professional/shared service organizations nationwide.

Our mission is to serve the interests of our candidates, clients, and communities by providing an exceptional recruiting experience.
With over 70% diverse placements, WorkPath Partners is a gateway to diverse talent and a strong advocate for the Disabled Community, offering our clients access to untapped talent pools.


Top 10% Supplier in the nation, each year


Diverse Placement

Years of A+ client score cards


Looking for a New Job?

Looking for a new position at a company that really gets you and what you’re about? We know that it is more than just getting any job. It is about getting the right job, at the right company, a job that provides opportunities for you to prosper, connecting with your talents, personality, and all you feel is important. It is an approach blending traditional values with modern tools and technologies, one that has worked for candidates at every level.

We’d like to help you find your path and invite you to learn more about a direction that might work well for you

Areas of Expertise

Accounting and Finance


Risk & Compliance


Business & Data Analytics

Information Technology

Project/Change Management

Healthcare & Clinical

Human Resources


Customer Service

Shared Services


 At WorkPath, we are driven by a commitment to fully understand your goals and needs, digging beneath the surface to deliver creative solutions that truly fit your objectives.

A dedicated and invested partner, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions addressing your requirements ranging from managed service staffing to recruiting permanent employees, all vital to the success of your business.

Our process is one based on mutual investment and taking the path necessary to achieve your vision. Not just any path – the right path that truly fits you.